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Description:   Isecure-key encrypt your USB disk, sticks or Pendrive with 256 bit AES encryption using the Truecrypt encryption software. It provide an easy front end to let you encrypt your USB Stick of any size in a simple and straight forward process so that you can store your confidential data when on the move. It makes us of military grade AES encryption algorithm. Decryption of the encrypted USB Stick is done on the fly.

From now on, you never have to worry again about losing your personal or company information stored on your USB stick. You can now lock it away on a securely.

Encryption and Description
You can either encrypt the full capacity of your USB drive or encrypt a part of it. For example, let's say you have a disk of 4 GB, you can choose to encrypt the entire 4 GB or a part of that.

Full disk encryption
When you perform a full disk encryption, your either encrypt the entire disk or a part of it. When you choose the entire disk encryption no data on the disk will be available without decryption.

Part Encryption
IF the optimum freedom of movement you need to encrypt only a part of the disk, the system will create an encrypted volume which you can access like any other drive on your computer and you can use the disk on any Windows systems without any additional software installation.

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